This Is How Democracy Works

WooHoo! Reason #2,348 why I love the Democratic Party. I just left the caucus to choose representatives from our Congressional District to attend the Democratic National Convention in 2016. I was there to support Cara Weiser Posey in her bid to become a delegate for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Predictably, it’s a big tent when Democrats come together. Anyone who doesn’t think Central Ohio can be an exciting place has never dipped a toe in the political waters here. What characters these liberal mortals be. Young and old; Black, White, Asian, Indian and Hispanic Americans — all taking a seat at the table and willing to stand for what they believe in. College students and retirees; exhausted parents corralling toddlers and young teenagers trying to look suitably bored.

Given the luxury of two minutes at the microphone, the delegate-candidates were a microcosm of America. The retired Gay lawyer who was able to marry her long-time partner just last year. The older woman who has volunteered for the Party for years and is ready to state her case nationally.  The two college students bubbling with enthusiasm “we are young Democrats” was their oft-repeated greeting.  The older gentleman who was a delegate to Bill Clinton and who proudly said “now it’s her time and I want to be there.” The aspiring young comedian who said “you won’t forget me, my last name is Arabic you see” and then waited for the laughs (and was content with the chuckles from the assembled.) The University professor who held up a children’s book titled “Girls Can Be Anything,” which Hillary had signed for his daughter in the last go around. “Send me,” he said, “so I can keep my promise to my daughter – that’s her right there (pointing out a standing and cheering youngster)- and support Hillary.” Union members, church members and not all that many looking like they had a lot of money in the bank. And my candidate who said, “I want to support Hillary for those kids sitting right there,” indicating her two kiddos, one of whom was celebrating a fifth birthday supporting her mom.

The Bernie Sanders supporters were rocking and rolling from the beginning and even as we caucused for Hillary, we could hear them making a joyful noise in the adjacent auditorium.  It was hard to not have one ear cocked in that direction. They have a lot to say and it’s important that these things be said. It’s a benefit to all of us when every voice is heard.

Being a Democrat in America can be a messy business. Most of us don’t always use our church manners when confronting injustice, discrimination, oppression . . . and mean people. We speak out, speak loudly and sometimes we sound a little crazy. But as many delegate-candidates said tonight, do you want the party of Trump to install three Supreme Court judges? Not me.  Added bonus?  Not one grey suit and red tie to be seen.

So we came home to await the results. I hope our candidate is elected. But I know her, just like I know all of the others I met for the first time tonight. We are Democrats and in the end, we will support the nominee — and we will continue to squabble and fuss and encourage and lift up and go headlong into the fray. It’s just what we do. ‪#‎ohiodems‬

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