Andrew Brenner has nothing to worry about

motivatorb49773dfb4982aff839776a216ae1c192f7c9007 (2)Andy Brenner, my state legislator in the Ohio House has nothing to worry about.  He can keep collecting that tax-funded paycheck even while screaming about the size of government. He can fulfill his fantasy of public leadership even while using his wife’s crazy train blog site as an unreported campaign propaganda machine.

Today the editorial board of the Cleveland Plain Dealer joined liberal leaning writers (like me) on the internet in pointing out the issue with one of his latest blog posts. If you haven’t read that, you can find it here. However, they, along with so many others, make the mistake of thinking that Brenner ever had an original thought.  He takes his ideas and marching orders from the American Legislative Exchange Council.  Privatizing public schools?  That decree came from ALEC months ago.

Dennis Van Roekel wrote about it last summer for the Huff Post after viewing “The United States of ALEC.”  Here’s a link to Dennis’ article.

Andy is so proud of his ties to ALEC – after all, they fund his vacation yearly (shhhh . . . it’s a conference).  He rates his ALEC participation right up there with the work WE pay him to do.  From his official bio:  “I serve on the following committees: Education, Vice Chairman; Public Policy and Oversight; Financial Institutions, Housing and Urban Development; and, Rules and Reference. I also served on an ad hoc committee on Technology in State Government in the 129th General Assembly. In addition, I am a member of the tax policy task force for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)”

So no, he is a mental midget and didn’t dream up this privatization idea on his own.  He just used his own deplorable grammar to outline it – and then backtracked that we just “don’t get” his sense of humor.  Believe me, I find him very, very funny — just not the way he thinks.

Delaware County Ohio has a history steeped in GOP politics.  The central committee is adept at creating openings off the ballot process in order to appoint people into seats. They even refer to it as “It’s not his turn yet.” They are the security blanket over people like State Senator Kris Jordan when his wife is recorded on a law enforcement dashcam asking for protection. They are the dysfunctional group that is standing by while a seated county commissioner runs for another seat on the same board. It looks crazy, but if he wins, it opens a seat to which they can appoint a crony.  In Delaware County, we don’t need no stinkin’ elections. If by chance they must (sigh) endure such a public spectacle, they just flood the conservative, young and affluent voter block in the southern tier with “ballot cards” in their mailbox. That way, the voter can just carry that card into their polling place and not have to think.

Andy served his time as the county recorder, narrowly evading accusations of bid rigging and sexual harassment. He traded on gossip and ran local campaigns like the lap dog he is until they gave him the House seat after Jordan moved into the Ohio Senate.  It’s a convoluted story — but it was a gift given by the GOP central committee and given dignity by apathetic voters. The local GOP created and condoned this goofball and if they cringe at his antics now, they know he is their little monster.


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