Brenner a failed apologist

Oh Andy, you are married to a self-proclaimed “editor-in-chief.” How about you have her proof your writing?  Or maybe she does. That’s even more disturbing.  But I just have to tell you Mr. Brenner –every time you open your mouth or take up your pen you are just making your mess a little worse.

For instance, Andy, your on-line whining because people took issue with your Wikipedia-fueled thoughts on public education. I’m beginning to agree with you, if only because your own public education was so lacking.  Or perhaps it was the student.

We must ask the question, if our state legislator is incapable of writing a coherent sentence, should he be a member of the House Education Committee.  I think not.  To wit:  “All that mattered to the left was to spread the lie, demagogue me, and rewrite history if they could.”  Andy, Andy, Andy.  No one, no matter how they may try can demagogue you.  Demagogue is a noun, sweetie.  Thus you can be and you likely are a demagogue, but you cannot be demagogued (that’s not even a word but perhaps it will help you understand.)


noun \ˈde-mə-ˌgäg\

: a political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and promises and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason  (Merriam-Webster — try it next time it’s much better than Wikipedia.)

Here’s another: you wrote “It’s a mean, deep-seeded, vindictive hatred.”  Now in Ohio we could perhaps “deep-seed” in our gardens in order to get below the frost line.  You likely meant “deep-seated.”  Generally it is colorfully used to explain that something has gone on for a long time.  Certainly, between you and I there appears to be a deep-seated animosity.  Sorry it just doesn’t rise, at least on my side, to mean, vindictive or hatred.

A final comment for your morning grammar lesson — ease up on the commas.  You will never be able to grasp the ambiguity surrounding the use of the Oxford comma.  Just ease up and you won’t look quite so stupid.

3 thoughts on “Brenner a failed apologist

  1. I laughed as soon as I read the words you were quoting. I am guessing he was a C+ English student. It is no wonder they keep complaining about their public school educations. Way to make the ole alma mater proud!

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