Some people are just mean

Living in Delaware County Ohio, I’ve grown used to petty politics and attempts at personal destruction.  Through the years, I’ve seen some of the ugliest small-town politics you can imagine — and fallen victim to rumors, gossip and attempts at intimidation.  Even writing a letter to the editor of the local newspaper can result in anonymous letters at my home and personal attacks as the local GOP attempts to hold on to power.

However, the nastiness is often perpetrated by people who are frankly intelligent enough to know better.  They themselves are victims of a culture and a heritage of ugliness and I don’t necessarily hold them accountable becaused I believe they are “true believers.”  The intent doesn’s seem to be more than trying to hold on to the government jobs they have.  Ironic, since they all seem to cry out for smaller government — as long as the government includes them.

Not taking them seriously works for me — until they actually begin to do damage.  The most strident of the group is Powell City Councilwoman Sara Marie Brenner.  Now Mrs. Brenner is the wife of Ohio House of Representatives Andrew Brenner.  My travails with the Representative are well documented on this blog.  Mrs. Brenner even invited me to coffee once to ask “why I don’t like Andy.”  As you can imagine, that didn’t really go well.  Because I don’t like Andy — I think he’s an idiot.

She, however, is the current voice (self-appointed) of the Republican party in Delaware County.  Strident and clamorous.  And although I’m happy to ignore her rants and leave her to her constituency, it was recently brought to my attention that she has now turned her hatred toward “liberal women.”  That I cannot leave alone.  Women in this country – in this time – have enough problems without Mrs. Brenner’s public statements such as “liberal women who want the right to choose to abort a baby in the ninth month, but who don’t want us to be able to choose what size slurpy we order from a food vendor.”  It’s fairly  clear that no one is limiting her slurpy orders.

Her false and ugly attacks published on her blog certainly fall in the realm of freedom of speech.  I’d love to take up with her the argument about the current state of women in this country – but she and her public-sector-paid husband do not return my calls and have blocked my emails (see earlier posts) and indeed, won’t engage me in public.

So here you go — Sara Marie you are out of control.  Your strident and ugly rants aimed at women in this country do no one any good.  Entering the public realm and promoting your beliefs is your right — a right ensured by people who put their lives on the line — even for the likes of you.  However, when you fling accusations such as the one above you risk having another woman — in this case me — throw it back in your face and tell you to calm down the rhetoric.  Your profanity, your mean-spirit and your persistence have no place in civil discourse.  Grow up, shut up and learn to fight for your point of view with a modicum of grace.


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