She whose name must not be spoken

Chapter two of the State Representative Andrew “don’t call me” Brenner.

Yet another of the State Representative’s constituents, one I don’t personally know, apparently sent an email out to his friends regarding the . . . what shall we call it . . . the Don’t Talk To Me incident.  (See below)

We’ll mask his name, because this gentleman didn’t ask to be famous, but here’s the exchange between the two as it was forwarded to me:

“This is another violation of our stating that my wife and I are not to be emailed, called or otherwise communicated with at our personal or campaign emails, phones or other forms of communication. This is criminal harassment. 
Any communication regarding Ms. Joseph or a related matter will be considered harassment.
On May 19, 2011, at 8:34 PM, Exxx Robxxxxx <> wrote:
Mr. Representative (not Mrs.),
Isn’t automation and intranet wonderful? As a Democratic constituent, yet a very concerned citizen, I find it very disturbing whether you’re a Republican or Democratic Leader, that either would allow a spouse to speak and denigrate a community supporter, a voter, or one of your constituents with such dismissal and in your name. I afraid you Representative Brenner, aren’t much of a leader – let alone a man – by not intervening in this conversation between your spouse and a concerned Delaware County Citizen with some sense of apology or even gratitude to Mrs. Joseph for contacting your office. She seems to meet and fit the bill also as one of the city’s Business Leaders within your district. “Man Up” Mr. Representative. Call Mrs. Joseph, personally invite her, have an adult conversation with here, and be the leader your were voted in to be and stop being a follower – your lack of action has displayed.
Can you say “Viral”, “I’m Just Say’n”
A concerned Ohio citizen, veteran, and voter.
Exxx Robxxxxxx (CW2, US Army, ret’d) 

Yesterday it was silly.  Now it’s sad.  How could we have elected a person who is incapable of responding to his constituents?  Perhaps, Representative Brenner, you will reconsider.  This gentleman had no idea that you would consider his email harassment.  He thought he could contact you at any of the emails you have on your website and share his concerns.  It appears he is a veteran – someone who put his life on the line to defend our way of government.  You owe him your courtesy.



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