Mean People Have Small Brains

That is my scientific conclusion.  Really.

I’ve been reading many things about brains.  Brain development, brain healing, brains, which are really strange mushy organs and thoughts, which are often elusive.

Reading the Dalai Lama’s last book has led me on a strange journey deeper into brain matter and matters.  Reading Rick Hanson, Ph.D.’s work and websites — most importantly to me — has enlightened my thoughts.  And presumably my brain.  “Using the Mind To Change the Brain” is one of his presentations that has captured some of the basic ideas here.

Hanson talks about Neuroscience, Psychology and Contemplative Practice.  He shows scans of brains of nuns in prayer and monks in meditation.  Their brains have a fire burning when so involved.    While in the state of calm brought about by prayer and meditation, during one single breath, a quadrillion-plus signals course through your head.  Image what being active is doing up there.  Now, imagine being active with ADD.  My head should explode.

He talks about the ability of living in a state of gladness, love and peace to expand our brains.  So I got to thinking . . . does that mean that avarice, greed, nastiness, ad infinitum — actually shrink the brain?  It must, opposites being true. 

I am determined to grow this grey matter . . . through compassion and kindness, gladness love and peace.  Living securely on my side and developing self-compassion so that I have lots and lots to give away.  Also remembering that everytime I’m mean, small-minded or rude, I’m losing a little grey matter.


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